If you have any queries please read through the FAQ below. If you cannot find a solution to your query, you can use the Support button to communicate with one of our technical experts

Initial Troubleshooting

  1. Try refreshing your browser.
  2. If you have more than one web browser available on your computer try loading the event in an alternative browser.

For technical help please consult the following questions:

Q. I can’t hear anything

A. Please ensure that your speakers are turned on, the audio on your computer is turned on and the volume is turned up.

  • If you continue to experience problems please try closing your internet browser and logging onto the live video stream again

Q. I can’t see the video

A. Please check you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, the Adobe Flash Player download link is only if you need to download the Flash Player.

Q. I get an error asking me to install the Flash plugin

A. The live video stream uses Flash Player to decode the video stream and display. It may be necessary to upgrade Flash Player to the latest version on your system.

Q. The video keeps starting and stopping/appears jerky

A. The most likely cause of issues with playback including stuttering video, jerky video or video that stops/starts and buffers frequently is a poor internet connection, usually caused by using wi-fi.

  • If you can try connecting to a hard line connection, this may solve the issue.


  • An on-demand version of the event is usually available later where you can allow the video to buffer and download prior to viewing.

Q. I am trying to access the Flash stream from my mobile

A. The video stream is not optimised for mobile viewing, however we can offer the following advice:

  • The Flash stream will not work on an iPhone or iPad because Apple does not adopt the universal Flash standard.
  • The stream requires a connection of around 750kbps which in practice on a mobile requires a wi-fi connection. It is unlikely to work on a 3G signal.


Q. Hearing an echo when watching an event

A. Hearing an echo whilst watching your event could mean you have the event open in more than one browser.

  • Check you only have one browser open, making sure to close any extra browsers you do not need.
  • If you continue to experience an echo, please refresh your browser.